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tube production line suppliers

tube production line suppliers Features:

1) Compare with spherical into sq. forming means, this fashion is best for the form at the sting of cross section, relatively, radius of inner rac is little, and therefore the brim is flat, the aspect is regular, good form of tube
 2) and therefore the whole line load is low, particularly the filler components.
 3) The dimension of steel strip is little regarding two.4-3% than spherical into sq. & rectangular, it will save the consume of staple.
 4) It adopts the multi-point bending means, avoid the axial force and aspect abrasion, scale back the forming step whereas make sure the quality, meantime it scale back the ability wastage and roller abrasion.

 5) It adopts the combined kind roller on the foremost of the stands, it realizes that one set of roller will produce all the sizes of sq. & Rectangular Pipe with completely different specification, it decrease the shop of roller, low the price regarding eightieth on roller, quick the bankroll turnover, short the time one new product style.
 6) All the Rollers ar ordinary shares, no ought to replace the Rollers once modification pipe size, simply adjusting the Position of Rollers by Motor or PLC, and accomplished the complete automatic control; It greatly reduces the Roll ever-changing time, reduces the working class, improves the assembly potency.


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