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tube/pipe mill line

The company products are widely applied in the industries of welded pipe manufacturing, sportsproducts, fitness equipment,medical apparatus and instruments, children’s goods, furniture, household electrical appliances, vehicles, ship building, petroleum transportation and power station etc..


tube/pipe mill line 

industrial control pipe production line is mainly used in the production of industrial stainless steel pipe. Because stainless steel pipe technology matures, has been replaced in many areas seamless (such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, wineries, oil, food, automotive, paper, air conditioning and other industries and are widely used.)
automated production processes: The uncoiling, cleaning equipment, feed orientation, forming, welding, weld leveling within and outside the weld grinding, shaping, sizing, solution treatment, the final sizing, alignment, testing, spray code, length, cut off (coil), splicing and other continuous molding process. Fine structure, easy operation, manufacturing, first-class quality.


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